What is Reflexology

Reflexology is an ancient holistic therapy dating back 5000 years. It involves applying finger or thumb pressure to specific points on the feet or on the hands, as the feet and hands are maps of the body. These points correspond to organs and structures of the body.

Session Duration: 1 hour
Price:  In Person & Distance €55

During the session, all systems in the body are worked – physical, mental and emotional. This helps to increase circulation and removing toxins, encouraging the body to balance and heal itself. The pressure applied can range from gentle to firm and you may feel sensations around the body for example tingling or feeling warm in an area.    

Who is Reflexology for & What are the benefits?

Reflexology can be received by everyone, babies, children, teens, adults and even those receiving end of life care.
Some of the many benefits of Reflexology are:
  • Promotes relaxation
  • Relieves Stress, anxiety, grief and depression
  • Rebalances hormones, Helps with menstruation and menopause
  • Detoxifies the body on all levels – physical & emotionally
  • Improves digestive health (Constipation, IBS, diarrhoea, heartburn)
  • Improves circulation and blood pressure
  • Improves nerve function (Bell’s Palsy, Sciatica, MS, MND, etc.)
  • Helps with respiratory issues (Asthma, Cystic Fibrosis, Covid cough etc.)
  • Helps with muscular disorders (Fibromyalgia, cramps, spasms, etc.)
  • Eases headaches/migraines and sinusitis
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Improves sleep patterns
  • Reduces Colic in Babies

What will you experience during a Reflexology session?

During a Reflexology treatment you will lie on a comfortable treatment, with your socks removed but otherwise fully clothed, with a blanket placed over you. I will work with my hands to relax your feel and then use specific finger techniques to apply pressure on reflex points on the feet, these correspond to the body’s organs and systems. While it feels different to each person, generally clients feel relaxed and sometimes even fall asleep during the session.

What will you experience after a Reflexology session?

Even after one treatment you will begin to feel the benefits of reflexology. Different reactions are normal, you may experience increased energy, or need more rest, and have better sleep.  As the body rids itself of toxins, you may experience increased mucus,  urination and bowel movements.  All encouraging the body to start balancing and healing itself.