Yoga Meditation & Breathing

Whether together or as individual treatments, Yoga, Meditation and Breathing exercises are known to improve mental and physical health.
There are many different types of each and all are great for treatment of stress, anxiety, depression, instead they create a sense of well-being, relaxation, improved self-confidence and body image.
We will assess and work with your needs. For stress reduction we will choose Yoga Meditation and Breathing techniques that focus on activating the vagus nerve, slowing the breath and introducing relaxation into the body. Yoga 1-1 is suitable for the person who prefers a 1-1 environment, or for someone who wishes to treat a specific physical injury through Yoga.  These therapies are great as individual treatments or as part of Your Tailored personal wellness plan.

Session Duration: 1 hour

Price:  In Person & Distance €55

Adapted Yoga: Chair or Desk Yoga

Chair Yoga is an adapted Yoga session where postures are done while seated in a chair.  It is suitable for people who cannot stand, lack mobility to move easily for standing to seated positions, or for those who simply want a quick break from office work. The basics of the postures remain the same, but while seated in chairs. Adapted versions of stretches, twists, forward and backward bends can be done easily while seated. Session Duration: 1 hour Price: In Person & Distance/Zoom €55

Who is Yoga Meditation & Breathing for?

All age groups